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:halfliquid::iconsaysplz:Hello~ have a look though this gallery and see what you like.^^


After so much time since I created my Pokesona, Im finally getting started onto doing Dray's back story; since I looked around and got a little inspiration from :icontheneonumbreon:'s Umbreon back story and now Iv'e thought up my own for Dray~ :'D 
Thing is, its gonna take awhile to finish and gonna be a little long so It won't be done quiet yet within a day or so or more since I got school work to finish also.:O (hopefully I'll get some time to do more at dads this weekend :P )
I think it'll be pretty interesting,really~ :D :la: 

(I ain't gonna be spoiling it for you yet till Im done, alright? ;) So I hope you'll enjoy it once you see that it's up. :P
Anyway, see ya later~! :meow: 
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Mmm Dat Ass~!
Artist | Student | Varied
:bulletblue:Stuff about me:
Im just a 17 year old girl who likes to watch Anime and sometimes likes to read Manga and love's to draw what I like and play video games,listen to music and spend time on the computer when I can.:D
Dont be shy to talk to me if you feel like talking up a random convosation.I won't bite.:XD:
Im pretty quiet Irl...I like to listen more than I like to talk.:T If I know you good, then Ill be more open and express my self.:D
You may call me Dray if you'd like since that's my Pokesona's name.But you dont have to if you dont want to. Just a choice.c:
:bulletblack:Likes: The colour:bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletorange:
:bulletblue:Mostly Rock,Metal,Hevy Meatl Music. I dont mind Pop, Dub-step or Techno.:P
:bulletblack:Mostly Reptiles,Dragons and other kind of animals.
:bulletorange:Watch awesome people on YouTube such as Pewdiepie,CryaoticMonki,Markiplier,Smosh,RWJ,Tobuscus,Tomska,EddsWorld and GameGrumps!:dummy:
:bulletblue:Favourite shows: Pokemon,Futurama,Adventure Time,Rick and Morty,SuperJail,Regular Show,American Dad,South Park,Drawn Together,Supernatural,Doctor Who,The Office,Ao-No Exorcist,FullMetal Alchemist,D.Gray-Man,SoulEater,Fairy Tail,CardCators,Puella Madoka Magika,Black Butler,Watamote, NO.6 ,Space Dandy and Yu-Gi-Oh.:D :iconouoblinkplz::iconowoblinkplz::icono3oblinkplz::iconovoblinkplz:

:bulletred:DA Family~
Strange Adopted Sister-:iconinfernalevanesce: :XD:
Ampharos Brother-:iconvoraciousamphy96:
The awesome perverted older brother-:iconhipakipa: ;)
Second perverted brother-:iconfantastic-raiko:
Perverted Sister-:iconlexxisterling:
Protective older brother-:iconscratch-the-hedgie:
DAT hobo cousin friend who sleeps in the basement-:iconrosutai: ;)
:iconsundayglitch:-The prison escapee that hides in the closet ;3
Pet kitty cat-:iconkeikoku147:
Wooping terrier-:iconzoiby::iconzoidbergplz:
OJ the dog-:iconbordercollie15:
The retard soviet who lives in the attic-:iconcatphomet:

If you'd like to be in the family,just ask.:D

ID made by the awesome~:iconcatphomet: ;w;


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VoraciousAmphy96 Featured By Owner Edited 14 hours ago  Student General Artist
I'm really sorry, but ever since school started, I've been really tired :c

Until I get situated to waking up early, I'm not going to be on here/Skype a lot.
That's going to be like another couple days Kimberly, only a couple days c: *hugs*

I love you,and hope you understand why I can't really be on much this week c:

How long does your school I can at least message you hi on skype ? <3
*cuddles close*
LugiaUmbreonPower Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Student General Artist
*cuddles close* dont worry man, its the same with me. :/ since my mum starts takeing this job now where she has to wake up earlier than me,she has to leave early too, so she cant drive me to school.:/ So I also have to wake up early and get ready...I may have a small amount of time to get on if I can and talk.:O 
and I understand. D: *hugs close* least its only a week and no longer. :P <3 and love you too~ :hug: 

school finishes at 3:15.I get home at 3.40. I usually get on right after I get home,or after some house work. :O
:glomp: <3 
VoraciousAmphy96 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student General Artist
*kisses you on the nose* That sucks. Getting up early is terrible and makes me feel kranky.
During this first week,I am taking my time at home to just rest.
Skype'll have to wait until next week or this weekend.
Hehe,you're so cute <3 *nuzzles you*
*hugs back close* Yeah c:

Awesome ^__^
Thanks for telling me so I can plan ahead next week c:
VoraciousAmphy96 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Well,I'm getting out of this college Spanish class I planned to take :)
It's good, because that means I'll be less busy :D *hugs you tight*

Love ya :3 *kisses*
I'mma gonna try to be on Skype everyday at 5-6 am my time c:
Cause I want to talk to you Kimberly <3

Reason I haven't messaged is because I've been busy.

I just posted a WIP drawing ^^
How have your drawings went lately ?
LugiaUmbreonPower Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
you didnt have to get out from spanish class just for me. D: I dont mind if you keep going on that. c: unless thats what you wanted if it was getting too much for you? I dont wanna ruin anything for you.:c ^^; if you planed to get in it, you can stay if you want.:O 
and true I guess.:) *hugs tightly* :D 

love ya too~ :hug: <3
yeah~ <3 well I can talk to you after school when I get back.c: thats like 3:40 I may get to be on in mornings if I can.:O

neh,its fine.c: :hug: I understand. :) sometimes Im busy too.XP
aww,awesome~ ^^ 
pretty good~ I need to complete more tho.:O and I have to draw up another Pokesona ref up to use. :P 
VoraciousAmphy96 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
That's not the  reason why, I was just telling you.
It was too much for me tbh..I can't take a Spanish class of that level. Don't feel like you ruined anything for me c:
I thought it wasn't gonna be as hard when I got into it.
Also, it would've been too much work coupled with the other 4 college ones.
*hugs tightly back*

*hugs back* M<# *snuggles close and blushes*
Well,I can't be on at 3:40 your time because school days I'm usually in bed by 10-10:30 my time.
I could try to be on with you are after school ;3
Thankies Kiimberly c:
Yush it is awesome ! ^^

Oooh :)
LugiaUmbreonPower Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Student General Artist
awww, well thats good to here then. :O I didnt want to ruin anything. ^^' 
and I understand too.:hug: :c I didn't take on anymore Japanese classes because it was getting more difficult for me and stressful..even tho I like Jap. >.< 
aww,yeah,I see what you mean.:c 
*hugs* c: 
oh,I understand.:O hmm, what time do you finish school in your time? :O
and no probs~ :D 
yuss~! >w< :la: hehe~ 
yeah~ :3
also, bad thing happened, I accidentally made my usb die by doing some silly mistake that I didnt know and my backstory for Dray on it has also been taken down to the trash with it and cant get it back..and that had about 800 words+, so now I have to RETYPE from memory the whole backstory again. so it'll take me abit. :c >n>' 
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coffeebandit Featured By Owner 6 days ago
thanks for the watch!
LugiaUmbreonPower Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
no prob~ c:
VoraciousAmphy96 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Hai Kimberly ^_^

Bad thing is I start school in 3 days D:
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